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Grip Spotlight: The NEW PURE COMBO

The PURE Combo is the newest edition to the PURE Grips family of golf grips. This reduced taper golf grip features the texture from the popular PURE Pro AND innovative PURE DTX to bring a combination golf grip you will definitely want to get your hands on!

Get a Grip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength

A perfect golf swing is nothing without a sturdy grip. And we aren’t just talking about PURE Grips, but the actual connection between your hands and the club. The better the grip strength, the more proficient the golfer.

Spilling the Tee with a PURE Grips Pro

Behind the best grips in the game is a dedicated team of golfers & golf lovers! PURE Grips very own Jack Spradlin played for 7 years on the PGA Tour & for 3 years on the Champions Tour (he's the real deal)!

Why Your Golf Grips Are the Secret Ingredient to Your Golf Game

Have you ever wondered why choosing the right golf grip is so important? Well, there’s plenty of reasons that having the right grip can impact your swing, and ultimately your overall golf game. But here’s the simplest answer: The grip is the golfer’s only connection to the club.


The golf season is in full swing, but are you ready for the game? The PURE Grips Pros are giving you the top tips to make sure you’re ready to play PURE this golf season.
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