PURE DTX Golf Grip:  For Golfers That Like it Rough

PURE Grips offers some of the best texture variations, sizes, and color options so there is a PURE Grip for every golfer! Let’s check out the PURE DTX and see why it’s for golfers who like to play "rough".

Finding the right golf grip is important for an accurate and comfortable swing. Many golfers (and pros) agree that switching out old grips can optimize your grip and even drop your handicap by several strokes! And who doesn’t want that? (Am I right?). PURE Grips offers some of the best texture variations, sizes, and color options. So, there’s literally a PURE Grip for every golfer! Let’s check out the PURE DTX and see why it’s one of the top golf grips in the industry.

PURE DTX Grip Texture & Feel

The PURE DTX is the most aggressive grip PURE Grips offers. It provides a dual-texture for maximum control! The PURE DTX grip combines the exclusive PURE Tack rubber compound technology with a heavy contrasting texture for the ultimate performance and connection with your club. If you like it rough, the PURE DTX is for you!

PURE DTX Grip Specs:

Let’s check out the PURE DTX grip specs. We all know size and quality matters!

PURE DTX Grip Size Options:

  1. Standard
  2. Midsize

PURE DTX Grip Core Size:

  1. .600 round (Standard/Midsize)

Grip Weights & Color Options:  Weight variance +/- 1 gram (It’s a quality thing!  Always striving for PURE-perfection.)

Standard PURE DTX golf grip in Caddie Blue
PURE Grips Care:
  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • Some lotions, sunscreens, etc. can compromise the appearance and performance over time (especially on Driver White grips)

Grip Comparison

So, how does the PURE DTX compare to other PURE Grips and competitor golf grips?

The PURE DTX mimics the texture of corded grips offered by competitors, without synthetic or cord materials. Basically, this means the PURE DTX provides a perfect alternative to full-cord grips.

In comparison to other PURE Grips, the PURE DTX golf grip has the roughest texture in the PURE Grips line. Still made entirely of the PURE TACK, PURE Grips proprietary EPDM rubber compound, the PURE DTX golf grip provides a firm connection with the club without tearing up your hands!  In fact, some PURE DTX golfers say they don’t even have to wear a glove...it’s that tacky and rough!

Standard PURE DTX golf grip in Pure Black

What Customers Say about the PURE DTX:

“I started using the DTX grips on my irons at the start of last season and have about 20 rounds on them this season. The grips show no signs of wear and the color still looks perfect (red). The grid-like grip gives you great control of the club face. Highly recommend these grips to everyone.”

-Shawn, PURE Grips Customer

“Have used all three of the Pure full swing grips (wrap, pro and DTX). They are all terrific, but the DTX is my favorite. Love the textured feel, and they are great when it's wet. Life is incredible compared to most big-brand grips. Easily over 100 hundred rounds on mine and they still clean up to a tacky feel.”

-Brian, PURE Grips Customer

“I've always struggled to find a grip I love. These are hands down the best grips I've ever had. They've been on my clubs for about 4 years and still feel as if they are brand new. Super comfortable with a fantastic feel. Highly recommend”

-Josh, PURE Grips Customer

Midsize PURE DTX in Rhythm Red

When you choose a PURE Grip that supports your playing conditions and texture preference, you will have a more comfortable swing. There are so many golf grip options on the market, selecting the right grip will help improve your game and gain more confidence with each stroke.

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