How to Get the Most Out of Your Golf Game: A Lesson From PGA Instructor Alex Riggs

When it comes to getting the most out of your golf game, having the right equipment is important. Alex Riggs gives a lesson on finding the right golf grips to improve your game.

Author: Alex Riggs, PGA

When it comes to getting the most out of your game, we can all agree by now that equipment is important. Ensuring your clubs are fit properly makes the game easier. However, one of the most commonly left out details in completing that perfect set are the grips. I get a sense that the average golfer doesn’t even consider their grips as a factor for performance. Grip size, texture, layers of build-up tape, all play a significant role in establishing your single and only connection to the golf club.

You hear it time and time again, golf is a game of feel. Well, feel is established through the hands. I still see players who have 3 to 4 different kinds of grips throughout their set! The grip you play should feel good to you. Not to state the obvious, but there are dozens of different textured grips on the market. Some grip textures are softer, some firmer, some play very tacky, and some much less so. The important part is knowing what you prefer. Finding a grip texture that provides you confidence is a critical factor to explore.

Once you have the perfect grip, it’s about finding the size that fits  your hand and your personal preference. Grips are made in various thicknesses that can then be customized even further by adding layers of build-up tape, which is used under the grip. Grips are absolutely not a one size fits all. When the grip is the correct size for your hands, your grip will feel more secure and you will gain more control of the club.

Alex Riggs' clubs with the Players Green Midsize PURE Pro Golf Grips

I have personally been a huge fan of PURE Grips since long before I connected with them to be a Brand Ambassador. I like a tacky grip and I’ve found they have that element nailed. Another big positive I’ve found with using PURE Grips is that they last a seriously long time! Other grips I have experimented with in the past would feel good for a month or two, then noticeably start to lose their grip. Not with PURE Grips, they hold their texture longer than any grips I’ve played before!

As an added bonus, they come in some incredible color options. Personally, I like my clubs to stand out, so I play the bright green grips (aka PURE Pro Midsize - Players Green) and absolutely love how they look. The grip size I play is the midsize grip with a single layer of build up tape underneath. My wife Claudine plays the purple set, with our daughter Naly’s name printed on them. Hers are an undersize grip (aka PURE Pro Undersize - Pitch Purple) with two layers of build up tape underneath.

Make sure you value the grips you play. Find the right size, texture and color, and your clubs will feel better than ever before!

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