One of the biggest buzz killers in golf is overthinking. With over 1,000 thoughts crossing a golfer’s mind per hole, it’s no surprise golfers need some “swing oil” to ease those thoughts and loosen their muscles.

But how much is too much? When does your liquid courage start driving golf balls into trees and bunkers? Some say one or two alcohol beverages do the trick, while others claim the key to a good game is a six pack (we are talking about beer…no judgement here!). Knowing exactly how much improves your game and how much is too much can be a fine line.

Drinking can have both positive and negative effects on your golf game. It all depends on what stage of inebriation you drink yourself to. The early stages of alcohol consumption can bring a magnificent confidence boost and feelings of euphoria, which can be good for your game. You stop overthinking, your muscles relax, and you feel a bit looser. This stage of inebriation will give you the courage to make intimidating shots that you would have otherwise overthought. Not much room to land the ball? Can’t see the pin? Who cares, you are Tiger Woods!

On the other hand, the later stages of inebriation can be detrimental to your golf game. Too many drinks can mess with your inhibition and make your swing unreliable. Mix your lack of inhibition with the confidence boost we talked about and you’ll be swinging hard! Golf experts say that you shouldn’t have to “muscle” your swing to achieve distance. Distance is a result of a perfect swing path and striking the ball in it's sweet spot. When you swing hard, your swing path will be inconsistent. Combine an inconsistent swing with the lack of accuracy from too many drinks and your game will probably go down hill.

There is clearly a fine balance with alcohol consumption and how well you will play. A little buzz can improve your confidence and help you relax, but it is next to impossible to maintain that balanced buzz for the entire round. As your alcohol consumption continues, your golf game will worsen. However, when you are on the course with good company, it’s hard to turn down another cold beer!

Please remember to drink responsibly, and call a cab if you’ve had too many!